“I have seen the results of David’s networking approach and have been impressed as it has helped companies and individuals. He has made amazing value bases connections to our portfolio companies. I am glad he has put his thoughts and approach into a framework and book to share.”

— Gale Wilkinson, Managing Partner at VITALIZE, an early stage VC + angel platform investing in “the work revolution”

“David Olivencia is a master of networking. It has always been inspiring to observe David invest in his network and witness how those investments pay off. How lucky the rest of us are that he took the time to deconstruct and then share his networking methods and discoveries. I highly recommend this book to those looking to improve their networking skills.”

— David Wieland, Founder and Managing Partner at Motivate Venture Capital

“David Olivencia has written a must-read for anyone looking for an edge to advance their career and accelerate their promotional velocity. This book is filled with valuable tips and insights that will help the reader differentiate themselves from other smart and hard-working people. I’ve known David for many, many years and he is the real deal, and we are all fortunate that he shares some of his secrets and success tips with us in this well written book. To not read this book and apply his teachings would be a big mistake. Big. Huge!”

— Dr. Robert Rodriguez, President of DRR Advisors and Author of Employee Resource Group Excellence

“This is a succinct and actionable masterclass in how to harness the power of networking to accelerate your life and career. David’s roadmap will help you meet new people, open doors of opportunities and realize all the benefits of a truly connected life.”

— Fred Schonenberg, Founder of VentureFuel

“This book has lots of great tips and networking best practices. It is very practical and like a Master class in networking.”

— Rushdi Ariss, Executive Director, Enterprise Applications & Data Platforms, The Walt Disney Company

“Networking is one of the essentials for career advancement. This is a brilliant book highlighting the importance of being present and being ‘in the room where it happens.’ David touches on so many ways to facilitate this skill if it isn’t second nature to you. I highly recommend it at all points of your career. It’s certainly a Must Read when you are starting but there are many lessons for those further along the way.”

— Adela Cepeda, Board of Directors, BMO Harris Bank & Chair of Angeles Investors

“David is a master at networking, but more importantly, I have seen firsthand David’s experience in identifying a room full of talented individuals and connecting folks to one another. David has the leverage to write this wonderful book, and he will give the reader a sense of how to network by being your unique self.”

— Frank Carbajal, Best Selling Author of LatinX Business Success