How To Be A Successful Angel Investor, With David Olivencia

Angel investing is the lifeblood of many startup businesses. And for High Net Worth investors, angel investing is a form of alternative investing in private equity that is more accessible than venture capital.

David Olivencia, CEO at Angeles Investors, discusses his angel investing journey, and some of the habits that have helped him acquire equity in 70+ portfolio companies.


Discussion with a Top Angel’s Investor and Executive

The Power Angle podcast features the brightest minds from the corporate world and government sector. Today, I have the pleasure to welcome on The Power Angle Podcast David Olivencia, an accomplished global technology executive and he is the CEO and Co-founder of Angeles Investors. Prior to Angeles Investors, David held various senior executive positions of increasing responsibility at Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT), Ford Motor Company, Oracle, Verizon, Softtek and Accenture.


David Olivencia – NetWORKing Excellence

David Olivencia is an accomplished global technology executive and author with deep experience delivering measurable business results for leading organizations. Effectiveness has been demonstrated executing outcomes as a CEO, board member, thought leader, and energetic team coach.