NetWORKing Excellence Workshops

Build a strong network of contacts focused on creating mutual value with David Olivencia as he brings you his NetWORKing excellence: Building a Strong Value-Based Network in an Accelerating Digital World workshop! In this highly interactive networking and relationship-building workshop, participants are guided on a transformative journey toward establishing and nurturing meaningful connections. The workshop emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation for relationships, focusing on trust, authenticity, and mutual respect. Participants learn how to add value to their networks by actively seeking opportunities to contribute and support others, creating a win-win dynamic. David provides practical strategies for optimizing networking efforts, such as attending relevant events and conferences, where participants can expand their networks and forge new connections. Additionally, the workshop highlights the power of leveraging social media platforms as tools for networking and relationship building. Participants discover effective techniques for utilizing online platforms to showcase their expertise, engage with like-minded individuals, and create valuable digital connections. By the end of this empowering workshop, attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the networking process and acquire actionable skills to build and maintain a strong network of valuable relationships, both online and offline.

NetWORKing Excellence

In NetWORKing Excellence: Building a Strong Value-Based Network in an Accelerating Digital World, author David Olivencia shares the approach to networking that has enabled him to climb the corporate ladder at some of the world’s leading companies. Learn how he co-founded and scaled multiple technology leadership organizations, invested in and supported unicorn startups, got invited to the Whitehouse across 3 Presidential administrations, and earned countless other awards and accolades. David leverages years of experience, pulls from hundreds of books, and interviews the leaders who have built today’s successful networks.

These experiences around networking are synthesized into a methodology which David details in the book, covering components like:

  •   The importance of a foundation and all the vital components needed for networking excellence
  •   Execution and WORK, identifying and helping the right people and networks to be successful
  •   Optimizing your networks with tools and tips for networking events and social media

Networking is not easy — it’s vital for career success and goal accomplishment. This book details the WORK needed to accomplish NetWORKing Excellence!